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Tee Box Talk: Golf is now the most dangerous sport

Tee Box Talk is a weekly column that goes live every Monday about golf things that stood out to Pace over the weekend. 

I woke up this morning and did my normal morning routine. I’m still in golf mode so I haven’t packed away my country club attire even though the weather is giving me different signs. After back-to-back days of 85-ish degree weather, yesterday felt like a Sunday in mid-October. Cold, cloudy and rainy, God is telling us it’s football season.

And if you think I’m lying this morning the temperature was 60 degrees at 10 a.m.

However, I’m not ready for the golf season to end. Soon we will go from watching players have meltdowns that result in fans getting stitches. Or Lexi Thompson thinking lift, clean and place applies to her shot that ended up in a completely different fairway. Or having to pull away our girlfriends from the television on Sunday’s because “a hot man with sexy biceps” is being shown walking up and down fairways for six hours. Thanks, Brooks Koepka.

I don’t want golf to end. And yes, I know there’s still about a month left until Ryder Cup but the PGA Championship takes place during Week 1 of the 2018-18 NFL season. Football is coming but that doesn’t mean golf has to end.

1. Fan gets cut after Kevin Stadler slams club — Kevin Stadler is in some hot water because his temper injured a fan. On Friday, Stadler was playing the second round at the WinCi Foods Portland Open. He slammed his 7-iron against his foot after a terrible shot on the par-3 15th hole and his club snapped in half. Part of Stadler’s iron flew into the crowd and struck a fan. Luckily, the fan lived but received stitches near his head after the scary moment. Stadler was playing with Shaun Micheel and he wrote in a Facebook post that he’s never seen so much blood before.

“One of my playing partners played a poor shot with a 7 iron on the par 3 fifteenth hole this morning. In a fit of anger he slammed his club against the ground and the side of his foot which caused the club to break about 6″ from the bottom. I had my head down but the clubhead flew behind me and hit a spectator to my right. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so much blood. We stayed with him for about 15 minutes before the EMT’s arrived. The last I heard was that he had a possible skull fracture but that he was doing ok otherwise. [Stadler] was absolutely shattered and we did our best to keep his spirits up. This was not done on purpose and we were astounded at the way the club was directed but it shows you just how dangerous it is to throw or break clubs. Each of us in the group learned something today!”

2. Man bites golfer’s finger off at Massachusetts golf course — I played Pumba this past weekend in the first round of the Leonard Country Club Championship. I beat him (video out soon, the second day of the tournament was postponed because of weather). There were times during the match where I wanted to bite off his finger because I was down four with eight to play but I resisted. This Massachusetts man, however, couldn’t resist. An argument between two men finished with one of the golfers biting off the other player’s finger all the way down to the knuckle. That might be the weirdest place I’ve ever heard a finger being placed on a golf course.




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