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Bubba Watson wore a golf glove to a press conference and is the weirdest dude around


Source — Watson’s explanation for his unusual choice of attire—seriously who wears a golf glove in a press conference—created its own bit of intrigue. According to Bubba, at team events this week, the American players are challenging one another to do something for the amusement of the group. Watson’s offer the previous evening: “I said I’ve got to wear my glove the whole interviews. So I’m doing it.”

Asked to elaborate, Watson noted: “Got to have something to do. Golf gets boring after awhile. It’s a long year, we’re all tired. … Just being dumb with the team. It’s like there’s a certain guy, I’m not going to say who, had to say certain words in their interviews. Who knows if they said them.”

With Watson being the third of four Americans in the interview room on Wednesday, he had some media members sifting through their notebooks to try to figure out which “words” his predecessors, Webb Simpson and Justin Thomas, might have been put up to saying by their team.

Intrepid reporters then asked Jordan Spieth, the clean-up hitter on the U.S. side meeting with the media, to elaborate on who put Watson up to the glove gag and what were his special interview words. A bewildered Spieth struggled with an answer.

“I don’t even know anything about it,” Spieth said. “He just was in the locker room and said, ‘I think I’m going to wear my glove in media.’ Is there something else?”

Bubba Watson is the weirdest golfer on tour. Remember when he cried at the 2013 Masters when he was recalling wrapping his son in the green jacket after winning the 2012 Masters? Or that time he wore an all-white golf outfit for four straight days? Watson once removed the Confederate flag from his replica ‘General ‘Lee’ car. I mean that’s not weird that was probably the right move but Watson is an interesting golfer.

On Wednesday, Watson rolled into a Ryder Cup press conference with his golf glove on his left hand. Also a weird move. The 39-year-old American is challenging other Ryder Cup teammates to do something weird “for the amusement of the group.”

I mean is Rickie Fowler going to bring a fake major championship trophy into a press conference next? That’ll add some amusement to the Americans.

I think it’s awesome that professional athletes can still have a sense of humor with each other especially in a sport that seems to be super serious all the time. But the oddest part about this story is that fellow American’s like Jordan Spieth seem to have zero clue what Watson is talking about.

Spieth said, “I don’t even know anything about it,” when asked about Watson’s antics. Stay weird, Bubba.

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