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Tiger Woods a.k.a the Sand Axe Man; the Wildest of Golf Lies

The golf world has been buzzing this week with Tiger Woods making his 2019 season debut at the Farmers Insurance Open. Woods (4-under par) made the cut by one stroke as Justin Rose takes the lead into the weekend at 15-under par.

But it didn’t come easy for Woods on Friday.

A plugged golf ball in the sand on the 18th hole almost put a stop to Woods’ weekend plans at the Torrey Pines Golf Course (North Course). Woods took a few practice swings before he attempted to hack his golf ball out of the sand. He looked like a Paul Bunyan without the blue ox and flannel shirt but his axing form was on point.

As horrendous of a lie Woods had, it isn’t the worst of golf lies in the past few years. Here are three tough spots golfers have found themselves in.

Woods’ lie was worse than Sergio Garcia’s in 2013 at the Arnold Palmer Invitation but Garcia’s was way more unfortunate. The best part about this shot was Garcia’s 10 foot awkward jump at the end.

Jose Coceres here’s a pro tip for you, don’t wear white if you suck at golf because when your shitty shots find the water, you get last in the wet polo contest.

Honestly, this isn’t that tough of a shot by Johnny Miller because he has room to make a full backswing. His forward swing on the other hand was not so lucky. I give Miller credit though, golfers with visors can make good shots once in awhile.


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