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Rate The Fit: Justin Rose Went Cream Soda Orange in Farmers Insurance Open Victory

There’s an old saying that pertains to golfers more than any other professional athletes. And that’s, “look good, feel good, play good.” Tom Brady can’t look any better than Stephon Gilmore on the football field because they both are wearing the same outfit: a football uniform.

But in golf, style is a way to stand out and if your style doesn’t match your play then it’s time for a new look.

On Sunday, Justin Rose (21-under par) won the 2019 Farmers Insurance Open by two shots over Adam Scott. Rose’s shirt looked like a perfectly chilled Orange Cream Soda, however, his choice of golf spikes left a sour taste in my mouth. Here’s a full review of Rose’s Sunday attire:

Hat: 5.2/10

Hats are difficult to judge because most of the time they are going to be one solid color. The lettering is obviously going to be a different color but the base of the hat is going to be one color. I didn’t mind Rose’s hat but it wasn’t anything special. A dark blue cap with white lettering with a few sponsor names spotted on various sides. Nothing too flashy, yet, nothing too strenuous on the eyes. I thought his choice of headwear was average at best.

Shirt: 8.2/10

There were a few interesting and frankly badass shirt choices over the four-day Farmers Insurance Open tournament. Rickie Fowler sported an untucked Hawaiian shirt and Tiger Woods wore a striped polo that had golf fans questioning their eye sight. Was Woods not wearing his Sunday Red shirt? Because it sure looked pink to me.

Fowler had the shirt of the weekend but Rose’s cream soda orange polo with what looked like white symbols and possibly pineapples (keep in mind I don’t trust my eyes anymore considering I thought Woods’ shirt was pink) were equally placed all over the shirt. It wasn’t your traditional polo and I liked that. The year is 2019, Greg Norman’s wardrobe looks normal these days compared to years in the past. Rose’s shirt gets a 8.2 out of 10 rating because the Mastercard logo was brilliantly placed on collar’s left side, the polo’s color wasn’t overly bright and because symbols are the new stripes.

Belt: 5.6/10

Three parts of your golf outfit must match when you step onto the course: hat, belt and shoes. Rose’s hat and part of his shoes matched. The belt, however, was the same color just not the same darkness as his hat that’s why it received a 5.6 rating. I think his belt should’ve been a darker color blue like his hat instead it looked more like a dull blue.

Pants: 6.7/10

Not going to lie, Rose looks good in golf pants but then again pretty much every golfer except Jon Rahm does. Rose’s pants looked like blue dockers honestly. They didn’t look to have that athletic mesh look to them, which is cool with me.

Spikes: 1.2

The above photo isn’t the color scheme Rose wore on Sunday but I’m certain the Adidas Adipower S Boost 3’s were the spikes he was sporting. They certainly don’t look hot but the sole gives them a comfortable look. The laces, stripes and front of the golf shoe were bright blue and it didn’t make any part of Rose’s outfit that’s why I feel the 1.2 rating was justified.

Overall look: 5.2/10

Average look for the 10-time PGA Tour winner.


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