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Would you cop these Air Jordan golf spikes?

Golf spikes are the most important item to a golfer. No matter if you walk 18-holes five times a week or ride around on a cart three times a month, if your feet aren’t comfortable, you aren’t swinging the sticks correctly.

In 18 days the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” golf shoes will be released and they have a price of $220.

Here’s a few looks at the spikes:

There’s zero doubt in my mind that these will be the most comfortable spikes on the market. Anyone that has worn the “Concord’s” on the hardwood know that. I’ll be honest, I have expensive tastes. People are lying if they say they don’t. I have an even more expensive golf taste. That’s what I’m all in on these spikes. But if I spot a golfer lacing up these shoes in the clubhouse, I’m going to call them ritsy. I’m also prepared to be called “pretty boy” and/or “frat boy” when I purchase these spikes.

(golf shoe review coming in at a later date on our Youtube page).


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