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Which Hugo Boss shirts should Martin Kaymer wear this week at the WM Phoenix Open?

The most electric golf tournament of the season takes place starting Thursday (tomorrow) at the TPC Scottsdale – Stadium Course. The 2019 Waste Management Phoenix Open is the stepchild of all PGA Tour tournaments. It’s where you and your buddies go for an early spring break trip. It’s the drinking tournament of the season.

And Martin Kaymer needs your help. Not for drinking advice but for clothing advice and Two Grooves Low is your No. 1 source for that.

Kaymar posted a photo to his Instagram Tuesday of eight Hugo Boss shirts that are part of the MK 2019 Spring/Summer Collection. I’m a big fan of black colored polos so I have three heavy favorites but here’s how I’d rank them all.

1. Light blue, black and white (first row, far left): I like to stick out in crowds and a light blue shirt says, “I’m not the best at this game but I definitely look better than you.”

2. Red, dark blue and gray (right behind No. 1): I’m all about freedom and the United States of America but red, gray and blue looks pretty smooth.

3. and 4. Both all black polos: You can never go wrong with the straight up black shirt on black pants get up. It’s so intimidating and once you walk off the first tee box you’ve already won the match.

5.. Dark blue, gray and white: This looks like your dad’s golf shirt. Not a bad look but I’m not reaching for this polo when I open up my closest.

6. and 7. All red and all white polos: These two shirts are necessary in your golf wardrobe. We call these the classic polos, however, I’m not the greatest fan. I need some spice in my shoulder swag when I’m walking up to the green. Every golfer must have these shirts but they don’t have to wear them.

8. White, gray and yellow (top left): By far the worst looking shirt out of the bunch. And I think I can sport a yellow looking polo but honestly there’s nothing great about a banana colored shirt.

Golf is one of more expensive sports. Do you spend your cash on equipment or your fit? It’s a legitimate question and one that some golfers have yet to figure out.


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