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Ping just dropped some sick off the course merch for Master’s Week

When I woke up this morning, I stepped outside onto the patio and let out a loud, “Let’s go!” This week is the best week of the year for golf fans. You got a rejuvenated Tiger Woods, fresh pimento-cheese sandwiches and possible rain in the forecast for Thursday-Sunday. And the best golf attire in the land.

It’s Master’s week, baby and if you think you’re going to finally get a break from your couch after March Madness ends this evening, you couldn’t be more wrong.

My favorite part of this week is keeping up with all the newest golf attire that gets released days before Thursday’s tee times.

Andrew Landry got my flag stick moving with his Instagram post earlier today shouting out Ping for the off the course attire they sent him. The T-shirts — whether or not you think they look too busy — automatically become the two best T-shirts in any golfers wardrobe once purchased or in Landry’s case, gifted.

The hats I’m a huge fan of because I own two types of golf hats: my on the course lids and casual off the course lids. These two Ping hats are most certainly casual golf hats. You’re hitting the lake with your woman and these are the types of hats you are sporting. They aren’t black so they won’t fade in the North Dakota sun and they would be easy to pack because they are flimsy.


Hats: 7.4/10

White Ping Putter T-shirt: 8.7/10

Black Ping Man T-shirt: 8.1/10

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