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Xander Schauffele and Jon Rahm received heat from Adidas

I had a come to Jesus moment a few summers with Adidas Golf: it wasn’t my style. It had something to do with a pair of golf shoes I purchased and I never fully recovered hence why I’m a huge backer of Skecher’s.

But Xander Schauffele and Jon Rahm along with Adidas’ incredible packaging may have swung me back onto their train. Imagine getting this package in the mail before you’re mentality preparing for Wednesday’s Par 3 contest. The presentation is what Master’s week is all about. If it doesn’t unfold or pop out at you then you shouldn’t bother wearing it during your time at Augusta National.

Also, I find it odd that Schauffele had nothing else to say about his Adidas scripting other than, “Hi, guys,” here’s what I’m sporting this week. At least Rahm showed some excitement when checking out his outfits.

P.S. — golf tan lines are the best.

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