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Average Golfers Pissed Rock Bottom Golf Not Selling Golf Ball Retrievers Anymore

SAGINAW, Mich. — Ben Plum is, in fact, your average golfer and he wants to shut down one of golf’s greatest online discount stores.

Rock Bottom Golf announced Tuesday that the rumors of them axing ball retrievers from their online store is 100 percent true.

“We’ve noticed that average golfers are the only ones purchasing this tool,” Rock Bottom Golf head salesman Steve Appelbaum said via a tweet.

“The problem with that is average golfers aren’t following rules. When they hit their golf ball in the water they aren’t counting the one stroke penalty. So, if average golfers are the only ones buying ball retrievers and not following rules, that makes Rock Bottom Golf look like a terrible company.”

On their website, Rock Bottom Golf offers 11 ball retrievers ranging from $14.95 to $49.95.

Appelbaum cooled Rock Bottom Golf’s news saying, “golf ball retrievers will be 99 percent off starting Wednesday and ending Friday.”

Plum was pleased to hear this news, however, said he wasn’t sure where to find a golf ball retriever after Friday.

“As long as I’m golfing at an average level, I need a ball retriever,” Plum said.

“If Rock Bottom Golf is no longer going to stock them, who will?”

The Golf Warehouse was contacted but declined to comment.

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