According to science, this is how much ice golfers should put in their whiskey

One day before the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open, science has dropped a breaking news report about how much ice PGA Tour golfers should put in their whiskey glass.

“The night before every PGA Tour tournament begins, the pros love to get whiskey drunk,” James Cold said Wednesday morning moments before the report was released.

“I’ve walked through bars filled with golfers every week and it irks me to see how little of knowledge they have about ice. There are a certain amount of ice cubes for every glass of whiskey.”

The report was from the ice company “Ice-Is-Us” and stated the shape of the ice cube may be more important than the amount of ice in the whiskey glass.

If you’re going for a quick drink at the turn, go with ice droplets

You don’t have a lot of time after you finish your front nine, so science says drinking whiskey out of a shot glass with little droplets of ice like deer scat is best. The report also recommended ordering multiple shots of whiskey with droplets will help you find your game on the back nine quicker than anything else.

If recovering from a career round in hot weather, go with none 

After shooting the best round of your career in Florida type weather, grabbing a water bottle full of whiskey with zero ice is best. The report stated the only ice needed after a round like this is an ice bath and two handfuls of Advil.

After a career worst round, using the smashed whiskey bottle as ice is best 

One of the most surprising parts of golf is when you don’t play well. When in fact you do have your worst round of golf ever, smash an empty (that part is important) bottle of whiskey and freeze the smashed shards of ice, go to bed, wake up and use those smashed chards for ice cubes in your drink. The report says whiskey tastes best with this method.

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