Two Golfers Join Waste Management Recycling Team After Missing Cut This Weekend

Lanto Griffin and Martin Trainer signed contracts to become employees of Waste Management after missing the cut at the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open Friday.

Waste Management spokesperson, Ashley Green, said on Twitter late Friday evening, “We at Waste Management want to welcome the newest garbage men to our team, Mr. Griffin and Mr. Trainer.”

The two now former PGA Tour players finished with a two-day score of 152 (+10) at the Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale, Ariz.

Griffin said when he walked off the course Friday he tossed his unsponsored water bottle in the trash when the light bulb went off in his head.

“If this is how poorly I’m going to play in the first few weeks of the 2020 season, I don’t want to continue playing,” he said while putting his clubs in his 2008 Honda Accord trunk.

“I realized a few minutes ago that I’m destined to be a garbage man and when Waste Management contacted me via a Twitter direct message and asked if I was interested in signing a contract, I replied with, “When do I start?”

“I’ve been off the course for less then 30 minutes and I’ve already emptied seven garbage cans around the course. This is where I belong.”

Trainer wasn’t as excited as Griffin to make the career switch but he figured making minimum wage was better than missing cuts on tour.

The 28-year-old Marseille, France native has two kids and wanted to give them an example of what to do when the going gets tough.

“I need money. I have expenses,” Trainer said. “I lost money this week. I launched four dozen balls in the stands on the famous 16th-hole and I missed the cut.”

“I needed to make a quick decision after my round if I want to put food on the table for my family. Waste Management gave me that opportunity and I’m happy to have Griffin on my garbage squad.”

Monday morning garbage call can’t come soon enough for the former professional players.


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