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Due to Coronavirus, Masters to be played at Par-3 Course

Tiger Woods was seen buying a hazmat suit.

Lee Westwood was seen drinking hand sanitizer.

And Viktor Hovland was seen selling toilet paper on the corner of Fifth Street and Charles in Juniper, Flo., for triple the price for what he bought it for at the Wal-Mart across the street.

The Coronavirus has put PGA Tour players into a panic the last few days but it wasn’t until Friday morning that golfers around the globe were able to relax.

With many professional sports seasons being put on hold and even the cancellation of March Madness, PGA Tour players thought the Masters would most definitely be postponed. They got their answer Friday morning.

“We are going to take this time to not cancel the Masters but to move the prestigious golf tournament to our Par-3 course,” PGA Tour commissioner Fay Monahoon said. “This is a great time to build our brand and show the world why golfers are the toughest athletes around.”

Many golfers took to social media to express the joy they felt after hearing Monahoon’s decision.

Rickie Fowler tweeted, “There’s no way a little virus can survive with all those Juniper trees around. If golf was played in a bubble I’d understand canceling the Masters but guess what? We golf outside. I don’t care if there are 1,000 diseased patrons outside the ropes, they aren’t infecting me.”

Monahoon said the reason for moving the Masters to the Par-3 course was because they felt a smaller area would make a better atmosphere for all golfers. When asked if there was a chance his decision could change before April — when the Masters takes place — Monahoon said “absolutely not.”


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