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The Golfers

Pace — A North Dakota sports journalist and a power hitter with average around the green skills. Pace is a +10 handicap but it depends on his driver. If he can get off the tee without any trouble there’s a good chance he’ll shoot a few over par.

“I’m good at golf,” Pace said when asked about his golf performances this summer. “I need to spend more time chipping and putting but if my ball is in play when I walk off the tee box, there’s a good chance I’m beating everybody.”

Pumba — Not exactly sure what Pumba does for a job. It’s way over everyone’s heads. He makes money though, according to him. Pumba is a smart golfer with a +7 handicap. He won’t outdrive your sister but he’ll score well around the greens.

Jordan — Jordan is one half of the Brothers in Golf team. They joined Two Grooves Low earlier this summer (2018) and have been pumping out the course walkthroughs for a few years now. Jordan has a swooping fade off the tee box but it tends to find the fairway. That must be because he’s hitting a deep blue Nike driver that they don’t make anymore.

Brandan — Brandan completes the Brothers in Golf boys and is a tall lengthy kid. He can hit about any shot but likes to hit a draw. Off the tee, Brandan can pump a driver and gives Pace a run for his long drive money. He’s a calm, cool and collective guy that doesn’t say much but he lets his golf do the talking.

Hags — When asked how to describe his golf game, Hags said, “I played 27 god awful holes last weekend.” He can hit the ball but might four-putt every hole. Hags is a great writer. Make sure you watch out for his low cutting takes.

Delly Delly — Not a big golfer but will run circles around you talking about grub and beer.

Tom’s Butler — Let’s make one thing clear: Tom’s Butler is not a golfer. He’s golfed maybe three times in his life. Tom’s Butler is on the golf course to grab you another beer out of the cooler.

G-Train — Once found himself on the varsity golf team in high school after he shot the round of his life. A week later his game came back to reality and he lived on the junior varsity team for the rest of his high school career. G-Train has picked up his golf bag three times in the last four years. There’s a good chance he hits a house every time he golfs.

Roach Clip — Roach Clip has a similar ball flight that Jordan does. However, Roach Clip recently started dating a girl and his golf game has taken a hit. His golf cart is boosted out with the latest gadgets and he cares more about shinning his cart up than his clubs.

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